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Electrons moving around.

2016 Reading List.

I enjoy investing time into reading books suggested by others! Send over anything interesting you'd like to share.

Contacting Jon

The easiest way to get in touch with me is via IRC; I am almost always on if I’m at a computer. If you email me, I will do my best to get back to you on the same day.

  • on IRC my freenode nick is intrigue
  • email jon at cosmisco dot com


GitHub Repository List

Major Projects

  • CopyDB - proprietary - Solution for copying vendor-specific databases from production to staging/test/devl. Relicenses software, deactivates production-only systems, secures protected health information and updates system preferences to point to appropriate environment.

Weekend projects

Todo List


re: Rube Golberg machine.

[19:20:26] <intrigue> so im thinking, JS in a browser interprets user input, sends a call in the form of an exception [ravenjs]. server catches that and writes to a file, which a binary application monitors and executes on, responding by way of unix socket to the server which blinks a div at a few hundred kbps to communicate the reply.

[19:20:59] <intrigue> I i'll call it... "Random IRC Topic Generator"