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Mandelbrot generated in my fractal program.


2016 Reading List.

I accept good suggestions :)


Baby Journal


Major Projects

  • LifeConstruct - Systematically achieve one's network of life goals by scheduling and tracking tasks that contribute to parallel achievement. Open source.
  • CopyDB - proprietary - Solution for automatic, safe copying of a popular EHR vendor's SQL Server databases from production to non-production environments. Automatic re-license of software. Reduces storage costs by pruning images, documents and other large files. De-activates production-only features. Automatically secures protected health information. Updates system preference paths to point to new environment. Automatic detection of backups. Will not accidentally overwrite a production system. Handles restoration over a network. Properly handles VMWare snapshots. Real-time visibility into progress. Highly configurable.

Weekend projects

Here are a (small) handful of mini-projects which I've shared. These are rough designs (i.e., one-and-done), mainly to explore a topic.